Poster Art for "What We Don't Say" by Dr. Jon Carroll
Poster Art for “What We Don’t Say” by Dr. Jon Carroll

The original play “What We Don’t Say” was penned and directed by Dr. Jon Carroll (Delta Eta, Spring 1996):

What We Don’t Say (WWDS) is a one of a kind stage play featuring an all-male cast giving voice to the inner-most thoughts of men from all walks of life. The production is set to run for eight shows starting December 5th at Theatre Asylum, located at the heart of LA’s Theatre Row. The cast, including Dorian Missick (ANNIE, SOUTHLAND), Eugene Byrd (BONES, 8 MILE) Pej Vahdat (BONES, SHAMELESS), and Andrew Thacher (THE SOCIAL NETWORK, NCIS) is directed by actress/director Kellee Stewart (HOT TUB TIME MACHINE 2, WITCHES OF EASTEND).


WWDS is inspired by the forthcoming book “Married to the Franchise” written by Dr. Jon Carroll. The characters are born from stories collected while interviewing subjects on thetopic of marriage. The result is an unflinchingly honest look into how men process finding their true love, keeping the marriage spark alive, dealing with divorce, keeping the love alive beyond death and struggling to conceive a child, among other stories.


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